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Autori: Kardum, Igor, Gračanin, Asmir, Dankić, Kristina, Perhat, Ankica
Naslov: Mental health throughout lifetime
Izvornik: International healthy cities conference - Book of abstractsZagreb : WHO Centre for Urban Health , 2008. 24-24.
Skup: International healthy cities conference - City leadership for health and sustainable development
Mjesto i datum: Zagreb, Hrvatska, 15-18.10.2008.
Ključne riječi: mental health; age differences; health promotion
The City of Rijeka has not systematically monitored the mental health indicators of the citizens. The City of Rijeka promotes activities aiming at mental health care and mental health promotions as well as activities directed towards preventing mental disorders and their consequences. To plan these activities effectively, research has been conducting covering various indicators of mental health. The research was carried out in cooperation with academe on a representative sample of 1000 citizens. Additionl goals of the research were to examine the age differences in mental health indicators and proposing interventions for mental health care and mental health promotion as well as preventing mental disorders. Of the participants in the research, 566 were aged 18-49 years, 264 50-65 years and 169 65-90 years. Psychology students interviewed the participants in their own homes. A wide range of psychological measurement instruments was used to test various indicators of mental health. The results obtained indicate that self-esteem, optimism and subjective well-being were equal in all age groups. What is interesting is that the satisfaction with life increased with age. The oldest age group experienced less and/or less intensive stressful events. Perception of support from their friends, family and colleagues is the lowest in the age group of 50-65 years. These people feel the loneliest, and the perception of social dysfunction begins to increase at that age. The research provided insight into mental health of the citizens of Rijeka of various age groups ; measures for mental health care and mental health promotion have been proposed ; and an initial database has been established. The database will serve as a foundation for future research aiming at monitoring changes in the mental health of the citizens of Rijeka.
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Projekt / tema: 009-0092660-2658
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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