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Autori: Kralik, Gordana; Lukač-Havranek, Jasmina; Petričević, Antun; Jurić, Ivan
Naslov: Animal products in nutrition of human population
( Animal products in nutrition of human population )
Izvornik: Agriculture (1330-7142) 6 (2000), 1; 7-11
Vrsta rada: znanstveni članak
Ključne riječi: animal products; polyunsaturated fatty acids; meat; milk; nutrients
( animal products; polyunsaturated fatty acids; meat; milk; nutrients )
In this paper, the significance of animal food (meat and milk) in human nutrition and satisfaction of life needs with special look on health is reviewed. Meat is excelent source of proteins with high biological value.The proteins from meat are of high quality because they contain high share of essencial amino acids which are necessary for human organism. Polyunsaturated fatty acids, esspecialy those from  3 group, became very importat to human nutritionists because they have significant role in prevention of stress induced deseases and of those induced by improper diets. New findings from western industrial countries point out the fact that longer intake of LA ( -6) with relative “deficiency” of  -3 is the main risk factor in occurence of cancer, coronary deseases (CHD), cerebrovascular deseases (CVD) and alergic hyperactivity not cholesterol as was considered till now. Therefore it is important to reduce the  -6 /  -3 acids ratio in meat and milk using some feedstufs in diets of animals. Dairy products contribute to health throughout life. Epidemiological researches as well as studies in animals and humans indicate that dairy food and/or their components have a protective effect against cancer. The potential anticancer agents identified so far in dairy foods include conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), calcium, vitamin D, sphingomyelin, butyric acid, ether lipids, protein and lactic acid bacteria. Milk is exclusive source of nutrients for the young and it also represents a high grade source of dietary nitrogen and indispensable amino acids for adults. Consumers are increasing looking for animal products, which could prevent disease or illness.
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Izvorni jezik: eng
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Google Scholar: Animal products in nutrition of human population

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