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Autori: Maslić Seršić, Darja; Šverko, Branimir
Naslov: Croatian workers in the period of transition : a five-year follow-up of job-related attitudes
Izvornik: Social Science Information (0539-0184) 39 (2000), 2; 363-376
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: Croatian workers; job attitudes; job satisfaction; privatization; socio-economic crisis; transition
Every year since 1993 we have carried out a survey of job-related attitudes among Croatian employees. The purpose was (I) to learn about their occupational goals and job satisfaction in the period of transition and socio-economic crisis, and (2) to compare responses of employees from private firms, state-owned firms and government-financed institutions. Data were collected through a self-report questionnaire created to measure the respondents' general job satisfaction and attitudes towards specific job aspects (including jab content, co-workers, management pay, advancement possibilities, working conditions, participation in decision-making and job security). The questionnaire was administered individually under the guidance of trained interviewers. The sample comprised 1392 employees. The results generally reveal that pay was the most important job aspect during the period surveyed High value was also placed upon good managers, pleasant co-workers and an interesting job. However, the perceived attainability a most job factors was extremely low, indicating a profound deficit in the need-satisfaction of the Croatian workforce. This deficit seemed to be less pronounced in the private sector: the respondents from private firms perceived job characteristics to be better and expressed move job satisfaction than the respondents from state-owned firms.
Projekt / tema: 130706
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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Google Scholar: Croatian workers in the period of transition : a five-year follow-up of job-related attitudes

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