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Autori: Lakušić, Stjepan; Skazlić, Marijan; Tkalčević Lakušić, Višnja
Naslov: Polypropylene reinforced concrete plate for tram turnouts paving
( Polypropylene reinforced concrete plate for tram turnouts paving )
Izvornik: RAILWAY ENGINEERING 2009 / M.C. Forde (ur.). - Edinburgh : Engineering Technics Press , 2009. (ISBN: 0-947644-64-4).
Skup: 10th International Conference - RAILWAY ENGINEERING 2009
Mjesto i datum: London, Velika Britanija, 24-25.06.2009.
Ključne riječi: Tram track; polypropylene reinforced; concrete plate; tram turnouts
( Tram track; polypropylene reinforced; concrete plate; tram turnouts )
Construction of tram track and its paving (closing), within the valuable city surfaces, where the tram circulation corridor is used also for traffic of road vehicles, should be approached with special attention. In the cities where the tram is the base of the urban public transport, as it is case in Zagreb, in the very centre the tram track should be incorporated as a longstanding solution, acceptable in ecological and aesthetic aspect. The tram tracks in the centre are paved with reinforced concrete plates with special architectonic shape of top view. One of the most important parts of every rail network are turnouts. To make vehicular traffic reasonably safe, a large number of entry turnouts that can be automatically controlled from the tram vehicle are equipped with security device to protective turnouts of unwished position of switch rails. This system operates on the principle of frequency circle oscillating at certain frequency in the zone of 10 m before turnout. However, if large quantities of steel masses (except rails) are located in the vicinity of the said zone, the function of such a security device is disrupted. In the case when the tram turnouts are not paved with plates, the turnouts work fully according to a standard procedure. To meet the two requirements, traffic safety requirements and also those set for an architectural appearance of the paved surface, the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb, produced a technical innovation that was also based on track paved with concrete plate, but reinforced with polypropylene fibres. The results obtained from measurement of turnout parameters carried out after installation of such plates were more than satisfactory.
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Projekt / tema: 082-0000000-2185, 082-0821504-1496
Izvorni jezik: eng
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Upisao u CROSBI: (, 29. Lip. 2009. u 09:54 sati

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