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Authors: Aparac-Jelušić, T.; Petr, Kornelija
Title: Web based Training for LIS students in Croatia : goals and pilot projects
Source: Pedagogial informacio hatarok nelkul / Zsuzsanna, Zeller (ed). - Budimpešta : Orszagos Pedagogial Konyvtar es Museum , 2003. 52-65.
Meeting: Pedagogial informacio hatarok nelkul
Location and date: Budimpešta, Maarska, 2003.
Keywords: Web based Training; LIS students; Croatia
Large quantities of information distributed electronically in Croatia in the last decade relied on hardware and software built mostly for the purpose of exchange of scholarly information and as a means of communication between teaching academic staff (professors and assistants) and their students. Far less was done for improvement of information and communication infrastructure at the elementary and secondary school's level as well as at institutes/departments for education's level. Some pilot projects were conducted in the field to find out how to educate or use distance education (DE) methods and techniques in educating librarians and teachers to work with ICT and use network resources. The aim of this paper is to give an overview of the development of distance education as one of the means for the training of LIS students and professionals to become ICT literate and knowledgable as well as to be able to train their colleagues e.g. students in other disciplines or library users.
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Information and communication sciences
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