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Autori: Tkalčić, Mladenka; Hauser, Goran; Pletikosić, Sanda; Štimac, Davor
Naslov: Personality in patients with irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel diseases
Izvornik: Panminerva Medica, 51, supplement to N. 3 / Benzo, Maria Luisa (ur.). - Torino : Edizioni Minerva Medica , 2009. 113-114.
ISSN: 0031-0808
Skup: 20th World Congress on Psychosomatic Medicine
Mjesto i datum: Torino, Italija, 23-26.09.2009.
Ključne riječi: personality; irritable bowel syndrome; inflammatory bowel diseases
Objectives. Emotional states and personality traits may affect the physiology of gut, the experience and perception of accompanying symptoms and the outcomes of the treatment. By reason of the contradictory comparative results regarding personality and affective characteristics in IBS and IBD patients the aim of this study was to compare five personality dimensions as well as anxiety and depression among patients with IBS and IBD and healthy persons. Methods. Hundred and twenty seven outpatients of the Gastroenterology Department, Clinical Hospital Centre Rijeka, and twenty-seven healthy persons participated in this study. There were 32 patients with ulcerative colitis, 28 with Crohn disease, 66 with IBS and 27 healthy control age range 19 to 75 (M=44.88 ; SD=14.99). Participants filled up the following questionnaires: Benet-Martinet and John's Big Five Inventory, Beck Depression Inventory and Spielberger's Trait-Anxiety Inventory. Results. There were significant differences in neuroticism and anxiety among all three groups of participants: IBS patients, IBD patients and healthy control  F(2, 149)=15.33, p<.0001 and F(2, 149)=14.01, p<.0001, respectively . IBS patients showed significantly higher level of anxiety and neuroticism comparing to IBD patients and healthy control. IBD patients showed significantly higher level of anxiety and neuroticism comparing to healthy control. Furthermore, IBS patients showed significantly lower level of agreeableness comparing to IBD patients but not to healthy persons  F(2, 149)=3.30, p<.05 . There were no differences in extraversion, conscientiousness and openness as well as depression among these three groups of participants. Conclusion. The present study has demonstrated that IBS and IBD patients differed in some aspects of personality characteristics. IBS patients exprienced a higher level of anxiety and expressed a higher level of neuroticism and lower level of agreeableness as a personality traits compared to IBD patients. Furthermore, both IBS and IBD patients differed significantly in the level of anxiety and neuroticism comparing to helathy persons. That confirms findings of several studies that neuroticism operates as a general risk factor in various chronic diseases.
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Projekt / tema: 009-0092660-2655
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Upisao u CROSBI: (, 27. Ruj. 2009. u 18:56 sati

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