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Autori: Terzić, Josip; Garašić, Mladen; Duić, Željko
Naslov: Karstification and Karst Aquifers on the Adriatic Islands
Izvornik: Spelaeologia Croatica (0353-6327) 8 (2008); 5-14
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: karst; islands; sea level; tracing; laminar and turbulent flow; Croatia
This article deals with the Adriatic karst island aquifers especially from the point of view of karstification and how karst phenomena influence the accumulation of groundwater, its movements inside the system and its outflow. Flow through karst channels has been separated from flow through fractures within the rock mass regarding the scale of study. Although it is usually understood that groundwater flow in karst aquifers is usually turbulent, it has been shown that this phenomenon should also be taken into consideration regarding the scale. Turbulent flows are present in karst channels, but on most islands the majority of flow is happening through the network of fractures and joints within the rock mass, and that flow is predominantly laminar proven by statistic processing of step-drawdown pumping test. It has been shown how extensive and systematical research of karst aquifers must cover both phenomena. The most significant method of karst channel flows research as well as for disintegrated fault zones tracing is pointed out. On the other hand, while rock mass behaves according to the Darcy’ s law to a certain extent, hydraulic parameters can be used for description of such an aquifer. Still, in karst terrains all hydraulic values should be taken only as approximations.
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Google Scholar: Karstification and Karst Aquifers on the Adriatic Islands
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