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Autori: Šikić-Mićanović, Lynette
Naslov: The construction of gender through discourse : representation in Croatian picture books 1991-1995
Izvornik: War Discourse, Women's Discourse: Essays and Case-Studies from Yugoslavia and Russia / Slapšak, Svetlana (ur.). - Ljubljana : Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (ISH Topos) , 2000. 235-255.
Skup: Women's Discourses, War Discourse
Mjesto i datum: Ljubljana, Slovenija, 02-06.12.1997.
Ključne riječi: gendered discourses; picture books; gender constructio
Post-structuralist theories pre-suppose that the cultural framework in which gender identities are shaped is determined by discursively produced notions and ideas. Analogous meanings associated with gender identity are understood to evolve slowly through gendered discourses and practices. Picture books, as inescapably ideological forms of discourse, provide a context in which young children can perceive definitions of 'appropriate' gendered behaviour that may serve to shape (and constrain) gender identities. The textual and pictorial representations discussed in this paper are from a sample of picture books that were published as Croatian titles during 1991-1995. War, independence, and liberation that occurred during this time in Croatia gave way to redefined notions of masculinity and femininity. Accordingly, warrior narratives and war-related paraphernalia, energised by the war, have had a powerful attraction in this war-torn region and have contributed to notions of appropriate gender behaviour. Clearly, children are exposed to and are a part of multiple gendered discourses and practices that subsequently mould their gender and render them with varying degrees of power. The purpose of this paper is to interpret their position in terms of this knowledge.
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Projekt / tema: 01940102
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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ISSN 1580-2795

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