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Autori: Mladineo, Nenad; Knezić, Snježana; Gržetić, Zvonko
Izvornik: Let's meet where the continents meet / Knezić, Snježana ; Rosmuller, Nils (ur.). - Istanbul : TIEMS , 2009. 352-361 (ISBN: 9789490297008).
Skup: 16th TIEMS Annual Conference
Mjesto i datum: Istanbul, Turska, 9-11.06.2009.
Ključne riječi: ships in distress; DSS; GIS; multicriteria analysis
The paper presents research in development of an integrated emergency management model as a support tool for National Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC). MRCC manages all SAR situations within territorial sea of Republic of Croatia. Ever increasing number of tourist and commercial vessels, as well as frequent weather changes at Adriatic Sea cause ever more accidents that demand adequate efficient SAR management system. That was the reason why a project for developing effective Decision Support System (DSS) for emergency management system in case of maritime accidents has been initiated. Logically, development of such DSS leads to the implementation of a system that will support all decision in case of maritime accidents. The organization of that system is generally hierarchic ; at each level decisions are made in accordance with the authority. Decisions’ character is different at some levels and depends on the system organization ; decision range at lower levels is in accordance with previously made strategic decisions. The DSS helps to structure and organize such a large quantity of information related to the emergency management system in case of maritime accidents, especially spatial data, in order to make it available to decision makers in a comprehensible and user-friendly way. Conceptualized DSS for tactical and operational level is divided in a number of segments (modules) that will be additionally built in the further phases. Basic module is GIS (Geographical Information System), for all levels of DSS, that comprise information sub-systems about spatial and other data and serves the other modules with data and information. GIS module is divided in several thematic layers with basic information about places of refuges, climate, maritime, hydrographic, ecological and biological characteristics, existing navigable waterways, maritime limits, boundaries of counties and cities, limits of territorial sea, continental shelf, military zones, topographic data, location emergency services, etc.
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Projekt / tema: 083-0831529-3024
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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Upisao u CROSBI: (, 6. Stu. 2009. u 07:37 sati

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