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Poglavlje/Rad u knjizi

Autori: Špelić, Aldo; Božić, Damir
Naslov: Metric features of the test on motoric skills at entrance exams at the Teacher training college of Pula
Knjiga: Interactiv communication in education
Urednik/ci: Tatković, Nevenka
Izdavač: Visoka učiteljska škola u Puli
Grad: Pula
Godina: 2005
Raspon stranica:: 185-195
Ukupni broj stranica u knjizi:: 11
ISBN: 953-7191-03-6
Ključne riječi: entrance exams, tests on motoric skills, natural forms of motion, biotic motoric skills, pre-school teachers, primary school teachers
In order to pro vide a better differentiation among the applicants at the entrance exams at the Teacher Training College of Pula, potential students at the pre-school and primary school teaching departments, we have created tests on motoric skills. These are based on the appropriate curricula, aimed at teaching PE to younger primary school children, and characterized by the natural forms of motion, i.e. biotic motoric skills. The test on basic basketball game structures and the test which includes the elements of rhythmic gymnastics were done on the site with the use of some artificial obstacles. As they decide to study at the departments stated above, the future preschool and primary school teachers are expected to have a certain amount of motoric information available. It is also presumed that the natural forms of motion have been already acquired at a proper level. They are important and interesting in the students' physical education curricula because these students are supposed to carry out the activities covered by the same or similar bio-motoric skills in their future professional settings of schools and kindergartens. Apart from providing the initial profile of a candidate, the given structures of motion realized in a quality and satisfactory manner are also a pre-requisite for acquiring even more complex structures. The seven tests, prepared especially with such a purpose (entrance exam) and including the evaluation criteria in detail were evaluated by five physical education professionals. The obtained results show that the metric features of these tests are good and therefore contribute to amore complete differentiation among the above-stated applicants.
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