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Autori: Basarić, Nikola
Naslov: Photoinitiated Domino Reactions of Adamantyl-phthalimides
Izvornik: Department of Chemistry, University of Victoria, Canada BC
Vrsta: Predavanje
Godina: 2009
Ključne riječi: adamantanes; domino reactions; photoinduced H-abstraction reaction; phthalimides; photophysics
Within the framework of developing sustainable technologies, chemists are o bliged to find new environment-friendly production procedures. Domino reactions [1] initiated by photons appear to be particularly interesting in the context of green chemistry. However, not many examples of domino reactions initiated by photons are known. Recently we reported a novel photoinitiated domino process of N-(1-adamantyl)phthalimide that gives rise to a methanoadamantane-benzazepine derivative via two consecutive photochemical hydrogen abstractions. [2] In continuation of our research on photochemical synthesis of potentially anticancer and antiviral active compounds, we examine factors which determine photochemical reactivity on the series of six N-(adamantyl)phthalimides. The investigated phthalimides undergo photochemical reactions on direct and sensitized irradiation and give rise to thermal and the photochemical domino processes. Reactions mechanisms are elucidated based on product study and time-resolved spectroscopy.
Projekt / tema: 098-0982933-2911
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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