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Urednik/ci: Prskalo, Ivan ; Findak, Vladimir ; Janko, Strel
Naslov: Kinesiological education – heading towards the future
Vrsta knjige: zbornik
Izdavač: Učiteljski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Grad: Zagreb
Godina: 2009
Stranica: 236
ISBN: 978-953-7210-27-4
Prevodilac: Mikulec, Alenka ; Orešić, Ivana ; Kekez, Marija ; Cindrić, Ivana ; Drljo, Mirjana ; Zadravec, Darija ; Miščančuk, Marija ; Tomljenović, Ivana ; Vučetić, Olga ;
Ključne riječi: pupils; stdents; education; kinesiology; future
Physical education, due to its significance for coherent development of anthropological characteristics of children, is unique in its possibilities and characteristics. There are few activities for children that have such a significant influence on quality of their life as physical education, which can be achieved with strictly planned process of transformation of anthropological status, motor knowledge and achievements in the field of kinesiological education. School and preschool institutions are invited to respond to modern life that has, to a certain extent, negative influence on children from the early age. This situation is increasing responsibility of school and preschool institutions in seeking adequate answers. The initial assumption of optimal answer is professional, scientific-based work, adequate to goal-oriented development of children’s characteristics which are aimed towards development and improvement of children’s knowledge, skills and characteristics relevant for the progress of a specific age group of preschool and primary school children. The aim is to establish a system of monitoring anthropological characteristics, motor knowledge and achievement and educational variables essential for planning work in the field of kinesiological education of preschool children and children in lower grades of elementary education. Respecting these assumptions, it is possible to optimize kinesiological education with preschool children and children in lower grades of primary school. The topic of the Symposium is particularly dealing with curricular changes in Europe and in Croatia, where the scientific conference conclusions including this symposium could have and should have influence on the changes of kinesiological knowledge. The Symposium is part of the scientific project (Kinesiological education in preschool and primary education), executed with the support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia.
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