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Authors: Kovčo Vukadin, Irma; Kury, Helmut; Gluščić, Stjepan; Vukosav, Joško; Derenčinović, Davor; Getoš Anna Maria
Title: Students' attitude towards risk, crime and punishment in Croatia
( Students' attitude towards risk, crime and punishment in Croatia )
Source: Criminology and crime policy between human rights and effective crime control, IX conference of the European society of criminology, book of abstracts / Meško, Gorazd ; Tominc, Bernarda (ed). - Ljubljana : The faculty of law , 2009. 46-46 (ISBN: 961-6447-34-8).
Meeting: 9th Annual conference of the European Society of criminology
Location and date: Ljubljana, Slovenija, 9-12.09.2009.
Keywords: students; attitude on crime
( students; attitude on crime )
Professionals' attitudes towards crime and punishment seem to be relevant to the implementation of crime control measures and prison reform programmes (Ortet- Fabregat, Perez, 1992). Since professionals from different criminal justice agencies have different roles in the process of criminal justice, it is interesting to see if they differ in their attitudes towards crime and punishment. The aim of this paper is to give an insight in the attitudes of students (as future professionals) in the field of criminal justice (Police College, Law School, Social pedagogy) towards risk, crime and punishment and to compare those attitued regarding the type of school they attend. We used data from international project Attitudes on crime 2009, part of which was conducted in Croatia during April. Students were asked to answer the questionnaire proposed by Helmut Kury (translated to Croatian with few added items). The purpose of this presentation is to give an overview of those attitudes and discuss the results.
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Original language: eng
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