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Autori: Penezić, Zvjezdan
Naslov: Relationship among life satisfaction and stressful life events in different age groups
Izvornik: Book of Abstracts / 4th European Conference of Positive Psychology / Brdar, Ingrid (ur.). - Rijeka : Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Rijeka , 2008. (ISBN: 978-953-6104-66-6).
Skup: 4th European Conference on Positive Psychology
Mjesto i datum: Opatija-Rijeka, Hrvatska, 01-04.07.2008.
Ključne riječi: Life satisfaction; stressful life events
Life events and accompanying psychological and behavioral reactions frequently have an impact upon people's daily lives and are believed to predispose them to lowering their life satisfaction. Observational studies have established that stressful life events, often defined as an accumulation of ordinary life events or bereavement have negative influence on functioning of people, and they lead to a number of predominantly negative outcomes. According to that the aim of this research was to investigate the relationships among stressful life events, general life satisfaction and temporal life satisfaction. The research was carried out on a sample of 483 subjects which were divided in four groups: 104 high school students (young adolescents), 145 younger adults (mostly university students), 114 middle aged adults (40-59 years old), and 120 older adults (>60 years). Subject completed The Life Satisfaction Scale (LSS) (Penezie, 1996), Temporal Satisfaction With Life Scale. and Questionnaires for assessment of frequency of stressful life events. Results have shown that different patterns of stressful life events were obtained for different age groups, so their relationships with general life satisfaction arc analyzed for each age group separately. Also, there were no significant differences in life satisfaction among different age groups, but the differences were significant in temporal satisfaction with past life among groups of middle aged people and adolescents and among middle aged and younger adults. Satisfaction with earlier life was the lowest in the group of middle aged subjects, while the expectations of future satisfaction with life was the highest among group of younger adolescents. It could be concluded that stressful life events could be used in explanation of changes in dimensions of temporal life satisfaction while the global life satisfaction could be treated as a more stable characteristic of personality
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Projekt / tema: 269-1301676-0821, 269-1301422-1493
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Ostalo
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