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Autori: Dürrigl, Marija-Ana; Fatović-Ferenčić, Stella
Naslov: De Lapide - za kamik Two approaches to Conservative Therapy of Urolithiasis
Izvornik: Acta Pharmaceutica (1330-0075) 50 (2000), 3; 249-257
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: urolithiasis; conservative therapy; history of pharmacy; history of medicine; Amatus Lusitanus; monastic medicine
The frequency and the dramatic symptomatology of renal stone disease focused great medical attention from very early on in history. Many medical authors have reported a high incidence of urolithiasis in the territory of Croatia. Beside surgical approach to urolithiasis, a significant number of preserved Croatian recipes from 15th to 19th century addressed the problem of lithiasis from the viewpoint of conservative therapy. Most of these recipes, written in all Croatian dialects, and in Latin and Glagolitic alphabets, have been preserved in collections of folk recipes, but also in official medical manuscripts, or in other sources as marginalia. We have identified very similar elements recommended for curing this ailment in official as well as in vernacular recipe collections. The paper concentrates on two sources dealing with the conservative therapy of urolithiasis: Curationum Medicinalium Centuriae Septem ( 16th century) by Amatus Lusitanus, and recipes in the prayerbook of Ivan Čeprić (18th century). The analysis of these two sources is a model for identification of various influences and different strata in the evolution of therapeutic approaches to urolithiasis in a European context.
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Google Scholar: De Lapide - za kamik Two approaches to Conservative Therapy of Urolithiasis

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