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Autori: Ćubela Adorić, Vera; Jurkin, Marina; Lešić, Vedran
Naslov: Exploring the latent structure of the Justice Sensitivity Scale in student samples from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Izvornik: Review of Psychology - Special Issue: Abstracts from the 9th Alps Adria Psychology Conference / Buško, Vesna (ur.). - Zagreb : Naklada Slap , 2010. 187-187.
Skup: 9th Alps Adria Psychology Conference
Mjesto i datum: (Klagenfurt, Austrija), (16-18.09.2010.)
Ključne riječi: justice sensitivity; measurement; cross-national stability
Supplementing previous research into individual differences in the sensitivity towards injustice, Schmitt et al. (2003) proposed that three types of justice sensitivity can be reliably differentiated. These types correspond to three perspectives or roles in an unfair event: victim, observer and beneficiary. To assess the justice sensitivity from these perspectives, the authors developed the Justice Sensitivity Scale (JSS), an instrument composed of three subscales, each comprising 10 items that refer to the tolerance of injustice from victim, observer and beneficiary perspectives. In the study that will be reported here, the latent structure of the JSS was examined in student samples from Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. CFA Multiple Groups Comparison procedures were used to compare the JSS latent structure in the two samples. The assumption was that the indicators that describe the reactions to perceived injustice from three perspectives have the same factor loadings in both countries. As expected, the resulting goodness-of-fit indices (X2(60)=79.54, CFI=0.97, RMSE=0.04 and SRMR=0.05) are in line with the hypothesized model. The obtained results support the construct validity of the JSS.
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