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Autori: Mijoč, Josipa; Horniš, Marija; Tomašević, Nives; Horvat, Jasna
Naslov: Book as a Souvenir: Partnership between Tourism Potentials, Cultural Identity Promotion and Publisher's Profits
Izvornik: 3rd International Scientific Conference: Tourism and Quality of Life / Lazanski, Tadeja Jere (ur.). - Portorož, Slovenija : Založba Turistica, Fakulteta za turistične študije Portorož, Univerza na Primorskem , 2010. 296-307 (ISBN: 978-961-6469-56-2).
Skup: 3rd International Scientific Conference: Tourism and Quality of Life
Mjesto i datum: Portorož, Slovenija, 27-28.09.2010.
Ključne riječi: Tourism of the Republic of Croatia; Understanding Cultural Identity; Fairs; Book as a Cultural Asset; Publisher; Souvenir
A souvenir in its most general sense is frequently defined in dictionaries as a small and relatively inexpensive article given, kept, or purchased as a reminder of a place visited, an occasion. Countries of notable tourism potential pay attention to the offer of products that promote their national culture. This follows Huntigton's theory (1996) according to which conflicts in the next century will not arise from conflicting ideologies or economic reasons ; rather, they will result from (mis)understood cultural identities. Books as a specific cultural asset (Tomašević and Kovač, 2009), particularly translations of texts important for the national culture, have an important role in tourism destinations, and should become a segment of the entire tourism offer. The authors compare several hundred thousand visitors of renowned trade fairs with millions of visitors to a tourist destination (the Republic of Croatia is an example analyzed in this paper ; in 2008 it was visited by 9, 415, 000 foreign tourists ). The presented data might contribute to the discussion on how to stimulate publishers' interest in books as souvenirs, i.e. in producing translations of key literary texts of the national culture, aimed indirectly at preventing possible identity conflicts in the future.
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