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Autori: Marjanić, Suzana
Naslov: Mythic Cyborgs in Croatian Oral Legends and the Fantasy Genre
Izvornik: Beyond Essentialisms. Challenges of Anthropology in the 21st Century / Radharani Pernarčič, Simona Klaus, Uršula Lipovec Čebron (ur.). - Ljubljana : University of Ljubljana, Faculty or Arts , 2010. 30-30 (ISBN: 978-961-237-390-0).
Skup: Beyond Essentialisms. Challenges of Anthropology in the 21st Century
Mjesto i datum: Ljubljana, Slovenija, 25-27.11.2010.
Ključne riječi: mythic cyborgs; oral legends; science fantasy; animals; Guillermo del Toro; Philip Pullman
Within the above topic, our intention is to examine the links between animal and supernatural female (mora – fairy – witch) phenomena in Croatian oral legends. Namely, certain characteristics of the mora and witches can be defined by the term zoopsychonavigation (navigation of the soul in an animal form), and we can differentiate three types of zoopsychonavigation – zoometempsychosis, zoometamorphosis as well as witches' riding, or flying on astral animal vehicles. Further, we will also consider within this topic the zoomorphic characteristics of fairies as mythic cyborgs, who often have feet (hoofs/ungulae) like donkeys, horses, goats and oxen within the Croatian folklore imaginary, thereby creating the iconographic paradox of the fairy's body – the upper half of the body is ornithomorphic (with wings) and the lower half of the body is tellurian (with hoofed feet). These facts from the category of oral literature will then be compared with the fantasy films. For example, we can find the zoomorphic features of the mythic cyborg (Pan/the Faun) in Guillermo del Toro's fantasy film Pan's Labyrinth (2006), while in Chris Weitz's fantasy-adventure film The Golden Compass (2007), based on the novel Northern Lights (1995) by Philip Pullman, we can find the animal-like dæmons with the capability of zoopsychonavigation (psychonavigation in animal form). In brief, we shall endeavour to research the transfer of the animal characteristics of mythic beings as mythic cyborgs (cf. Donna J. Haraway, Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century, 1985) from classic myths and oral legends into fantasy films.
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