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Autori: Buljan, Renato; Zelenika, Mladen; Mesec, Josip
Naslov: Geologic and Tectonic setting of the Park of nature Blidinje
Izvornik: The First International sciantific symposium Blidinje 2005. / Ivo Čolak (ur.). - Mostar :
Skup: The First International sciantific symposium Blidinje 2005.
Mjesto i datum: Blidinje, Bosna i Hercegovina, 16.-17.09.2005.
Ključne riječi: Geologic setting; Tectonic setting; The Park of nature “Blidinje”
The Park of nature “Blidinje” (PPB) abounds in very complex and attractive geological, structural, hydrogeological and geomorphologic features. A broader park area predominantly exposes the sedimentary rocks deposited in a large sedimentary system of the Mesozoic carbonate platform during approximately 180 millions of years. In recent times it is a complex territory in structural sense, built of 4.5 to 8.5 km thick series of carbonate rocks which had originated as a result of multiple folding and thrusting. A review is founded on all available data. A regional geological setting of PPB is displayed in this work with strong emphasis laid on lithologic and structural characteristics which are crucial for permeability and hydrogeologic performance of the sedimentary rock complex. These characteristics are important for the catchment areas of karst springs because representing the basis for the balanced exploitation and protection of water from pollution. The basic feature of this area is a high degree of tectonic disturbance due to several kinematic events during the Teritary and Quaternary eras. It resulted in destruction of primary anticline and syncline structures and their disintegration along reverse faults and thrust sheets into structural blocks and sub-blocks, and finally in their uplift and/or rotation in the area. Apart from the reverse faults, terrain is also characterized by numerous gravitational/normal faults of diverse orientation. Aforementioned comments undoubtedly indicate the complex tectonic setting and strong tectonic activity during geologic history but also in more recent times which is demonstrated by numerous earthquakes. A major characteristic of the PPB tectonic setting in recent times is near-surface thrust tectonics of Dinaric strike slip which is the basis for segregation of five structural units in the field.
Vrsta sudjelovanja: Predavanje
Vrsta prezentacije u zborniku: Cjeloviti rad (više od 1500 riječi)
Vrsta recenzije: Međunarodna recenzija
Projekt / tema: 181-1811096-1795, 181-1811096-3165
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstveni
Znanstvena područja:
Rudarstvo, nafta i geološko inženjerstvo
Upisao u CROSBI: (, 8. Vel. 2011. u 15:29 sati

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