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Autori: Petrović Krajnik, Lea; Krajnik, Damir; Gašparović, Sanja
Naslov: Landscape architecture in the context of the World Exhibition – EXPO 2000 Hannover
Izvornik: Architectural Design between Teaching and Research - Il paesaggio, Gli interni / D’Amato, Claudio (ur.). - Bari, Italia : POLIBAPRESS / ARTI GRAFICHE FAVIA , 2011. 2471-2480 (ISBN: 978-88-95612-80-5).
Skup: ReteVitruvio 1st International Congress Architectural Design between Teaching and Research
Mjesto i datum: Bari, Italija, 02-06.05.2011.
Ključne riječi: Landscape architecture; World Exhibition; EXPO 2000 Hannover
The conducted research reveals that during the preparation of the World Exhibition EXPO 2000 in Hannover, besides numerous interventions in the transport infrastructure and in the suprastructure of the city and its wider area which were a prerequisite for the successful realisation of the event, public green spaces were arranged in accordance with the project “Stadt als Garten”, which were part of a comprehensive development plan for the City of Hannover. These newly arranged areas have remained in permanent use for inhabitants as places of social interaction, thus contributing to an improvement in culture and in the quality of life, as well as to sustainable development. During the event, they served the needs of the exhibition visitors, especially if they were the locations of the exhibition’s accompanying events, leaving a favourable impression on the visitors and creating a recognisable image of the city. Not only is the organisation of a world exhibition one way to expand or transform the urban structure, but such an exhibition also leaves a legacy of landscaped areas whose implementation is determined by the primary function to articulate and connect newly built and/or existing buildings, as well as the landscape and the context in which they are incorporated. This analysis indicates that the ecostructure of the western part of the EXPO site, the area of the Hannover Fair, as an element of order, links and reconciles the existing and newly built suprastructure, and, depending on its location, by its design, creates particular landmarks. The ecostructure of the eastern part of the EXPO site is characterised by its design features that do not compete with the architectural context, but which fit into the Kronsberg landscape through the grading of its functional and design elements. Furthermore, landscape elements on the EXPO site have the function of creating balanced and environmentally friendly relations between built and unbuilt areas, serve for the more appropriate fitting of a new superstructure on the fringe of the city with the predominantly agricultural Kronsberg landscape, and provide new opportunities for leisure and recreation. During the event their use was intended primarily for visitors and employees of the exhibition, and in the post-exhibition period the ecostructure of the western part of exhibition site are being used by visitors and employees of the Hannover Fair. The ecostructure of the eastern part can be used by residents of the surrounding districts as well as by visitors and employees of the economic park – EXPO Park Hannover. These contemporarily designed landscape areas, their proportion on the EXPO site as well as their function indicate an awareness of the social and ecological components of sustainable development as a basis for planning large-scale events. On the basis of this research, it can be concluded that the organisation of the World Exhibition in Hannover contributed to the arrangement of public green spaces which has encouraged a number of other projects in the city and its wider area in the domain of ecostructure and environmental sustainability.
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Projekt / tema: 054-0543089-2967, 054-0543089-3088
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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Arhitektura i urbanizam
Upisao u CROSBI: (, 10. Svi. 2011. u 09:23 sati

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