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Autori: Fulgosi, Sanja; Žitnik, Zoran
Naslov: Development and evaluation of criteria for objective scoring of highly structured writing task
Skup: 8th Annual EALTA Conference Ethics in Language Testing and Assessment
Mjesto i datum: Siena, Italija, 5-8.05.2011.
Ključne riječi: national assessment; assessing writing; text features; objective rating criteria; multiple regression analysis
Scoring validity of writing test implies the stable, appropriate and consensual rating criteria. This research is focused on determination and identifying elements of a text structures that can be objectively determined as a rating foundation for part of reliable writing tasks. The study was conducted on a representative sample of 300 L1 student writing papers from 8 th grade of primary school. The writing paper was a subtest of the language test administrated within the scope of Croatian national assessment. The task refers to writing and organizing short newspaper article with narrowly defined content points. Sampled student papers are recoded for the present research purposes according to four sets of objective predictor variables, namely: content relevant for newspapers article, sentence structure, morphology and orthography rules and number of words. Selected criteria were: overall test achievement, 7th grade ; achievement and overall school achievement, as well as scoring procedures based on two criteria – sentence consistency and writing style, applied by the independent graders. Analyses will aim to validate the contribution extent of these four objective predictors in assessing and scoring highly structured writing tasks.
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