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Autori: Gašparović, Sanja; Mrđa, Ana; Petrović Krajnik, Lea
Naslov: Can off spaces become in places?
Izvornik: Scales of Nature - From Urban Landscapes to Alpine Gardens - 48th IFLA World Congress / Hayal Oezekan (ur.). - Zurich : Stadt Zurich - GSZ , 2011. 439-439.
Skup: 48th IFLA World Congress - The World Congress of Landscape Architecture
Mjesto i datum: Zurich, Švicarska, 27.-29.06.2011.
Ključne riječi: alternative cultures; art; parks and gardens; public spaces
Alternative cultures provide both cultural spaces and unique urban experiences, but can also give a place a new type of symbolic value. We ask ourselves whether art can become a tool of urban life generator, especially in neglected city areas. The system of public spaces - parks and gardens, plantain avenues and private gardens were once one of the basic trademarks of the identity of city of Mostar - the centre of Herzegovina. Nowadays the consequences of recent war devastations are still evident there, and have led to the gradual decline of cultural life in the town and the waning of the distinctive city features. Provoked by this situation the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb organized a summer workshop for students in 2010 with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of forgotten public spaces as a potential initiator for the recovery of the town. A method of recognition in this workshop was off culture scene with its performing art as a more flexible, short-term and provoking medium of exposition. The specificities of this kind of cultural production, and the changes in consumption patterns lead everyone to reconsider the role of alternative cultures and marginal artists and scenes in the social sphere of the urban environment. The idea was to understand how the off spaces can easily be articulated into the in, throughout the creative behaviour which strongly affected local population and authority. In a in/off system, the in is organized and planned, while the off is spontaneous, creative and innovative, and needs in to build its legitimacy. And little by little, a part of the off leads to the in. Based on this Mostar example, this paper intends to show the shift in the attitude of residents, planners and authorities toward what we call off cultural scenes. Finally our work here stands as a reminder of the importance of performing art in urban life. It proofs how small artistic site specific actions can provoke big city changes and participate in raising of awareness of the importance of forgotten public spaces.
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Projekt / tema: 054-0543089-2967
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstveni
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Arhitektura i urbanizam
Upisao u CROSBI: (, 30. Lip. 2011. u 09:20 sati

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