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Autori: Ivanković, Vedran
Naslov: Ivo Pogorelić Sets the Mind in Motion - Lisinski Is an Architectural Masterpiece
Izvornik: Croatia Review
Vrsta: Esej
Godina: 2011
Ključne riječi: Ivo Pogorelić; Vatroslav Lisinski; Koncertna dvorana
As the Croatian cultural icon and aetiste par excellence, Ivo Pogorelić, enthrals the crowd yet again, the expert on all things architectural, Vedran Ivanković, muses on the past and present of one of the best known buildings in Zagreb in the night when, in spite of the general anti-elitist climate in country, The Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall (designed by: Marijan Haberle and Minka Jurković and Tanja Zdvorak) housed an elite event attended by the elite but disliked by none: Concived as a geometrical parallepiped with a clomplex construction of multi-surface roofing, the Croatian "Temple of Music" evokes the eternal architectural problem of how to combine a cubic form with a semi-sphere, a teoretical conundrum spaning centuries - from Emperor Hadrian’s Pantheon to Le Corbusier’s Notre-Dame-du-Haut. This pride of Croatian architecture also reveals a combination of complementary pairs - the unavoidable experience af an invisible-visible interior unfolding, in the evenings, an attractive stage ; and the cohabitation of cubic and organic forms, at once jarring and contemplative, just like Le Corbusier’s classic Ronchamp.
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