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Autori: Kopecki, Dragan, Katavić, Ivica, Ćorić, Gordana
Naslov: The Influence of Entrepreneur's Empathy to Corporate Work Efficiency
Izvornik: Book of Abstracts, III International Congress of Emotional Intelligence / Takšić, Vladimir (ur.). - Rijeka/Opatija : Center for Cross Cultural Research and Development of Emotional and Social Competences, Filozofski fakultet u Rijeci , 2011. 86-86 (ISBN: 978-953-6104-79-6).
Skup: III International Congress of Emotional Intelligence
Mjesto i datum: Opatija, Croatia, 8-10.9.2011.
Ključne riječi: entrepreneur's empathy; work efficiency; relationship; business performance; insurance industry
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to explore and evaluate how corporate entrepreneur’s empathy, as one aspect of the effective interaction between entrepreneurs and employees, as well as entrepreneurs and clients, influences the work efficiency in the insurance industry. In order for such effective relations to happen, employment and client policies, as well as company procedures should be shaped by entrepreneur’s empathy. Design/methodology/approach: The approach used in this research was based on the corporate entrepreneur’s empathy as a critical predictor for the work efficiency. Participants, 59 entrepreneurs from insurance companies in Croatia completed surveys, and were assured that their response would be not disclosed to their employer, supervisor, or coworkers. The entrepreneur’s empathy was measured by using Feedback Report 360° instrument, which assesses the level of entrepreneur’s empathy and its influence on the work efficiency. Findings: The results show that there is a correlation between the level of entrepreneur’s empathy and the corporate work efficiency. Entrepreneur’s empathy, as one of the interpersonal emotional components, influences the quality of relationship between the entrepreneur and employees, as well as the entrepreneur and clients. Being able to demonstrate active interest in others and their concerns (i.e. being good listener, open, and honest), leads to acceptance of their feelings and, as a result, to better relationship management. In addition, the findings suggest that the potential of entrepreneur’s empathy may lead to the better business performances and corporate work efficiencies. Research limitations/implications: Since findings are based on a sample of just one industry in one country, they should be treated with caution due to the possibilities that the results cannot be applicable to other industries. Practical implications: This paper describes how entrepreneur’s empathy influences the work efficiency. It is proposed that the entrepreneur’s empathy assessment can improve the prediction of the company's success.
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