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Pregled bibliografske jedinice broj: 52939


Autori: Bosnar, Ksenija; Prot, Franjo
Naslov: Attitude and the level of sport engagement in urban adolescents
Izvornik: Kinesiologia Slovenica (1318-2269) 5 (1999), special number; 37
Vrsta rada: abstract
Ključne riječi: attitude; sport engagement; adolescents
INTRODUCTION In the explanation of some particular behaviour the attitudes are inevitable predictors. However, the attitude and behaviour relationship is complex one and often specific for particular behaviour, attitude and part of population. The problem of attitude - behaviour relationships in the field of kinesiological activities is far from being solved, showing different patterns for specific activities and subpopulations. In present study, the relationship of general attitude toward sport and general level of sport activity is determined on the samples of adolescent urban males and females. METHODS Two samples of urban adolescents, 998 male and 950 female students of finishing high school classes in city of Zagreb were measured by K1 Mraković's general attitude toward sport scale (Bosnar and Prot, 1993) and K2 Level of sport engagement scale (Mraković, 1970). The samples were balanced due to type of high school. The results on scales were examined for each sample separately and then compared. Descriptive statistics and correlations were determined using SPSS. RESULTS Results are presented in Table 1. Table 1. Means (A) and standard deviations (SD) of K1 attitude scale and K2 engagement scale, and correlation between K1 and K2 (R) in male and female sample. MALE FEMALE A SD R A SD R K1 93.9 25.2 83.2 23.3 .64 .65 K2 22.8 8.9 18.8 7.1 DISCUSSION Both samples show wide range of results in attitude toward sport scale (K1). Male sample mean is slightly above point of neutral attitude (90), and female mean is positioned at negative side of scale. The attitudes are significantly less positive than registrated on students of physical education (Bosnar & Prot, 1995). The correlations between attitude and level of engagement in sport are high in both samples, sharing more than third of common variance. Considering the possibility of mutual influence of attitudes and behaviour, the rise of the level of engagement in sport activities in urban adolescents could be obtained by changing their attitudes toward positive direction.
Projekt / tema: 130705
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstveni
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Google Scholar: Attitude and the level of sport engagement in urban adolescents

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