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Authors: Peroš, Bernardin; Divić, Vladimir; Uzelac, Ivana
Title: Displacements of Structures Subjected by Action of Characteristic Winds in the Adriatic Coastal Belt
Source: 13th International Conference on Wind Engineering / Geurts, Chris (ur.). - Amsterdam : ICWE13 , 2011.Amsterdam :
Meeting: 13th International Conference on Wind Engineering
Location and date: Amsterdam, Nizozemska, 12-15. 07. 2011.
Keywords: Wind loading; acceleration; displacements; field measurements
This paper gives an insight into structural displacements resulting from wind load excitations. The estimation of structural displacements is extremely interesting in slender structures, which are very sensitive to wind loads and have limited horizontal displacement due to their serviceability limit state. Displacement was estimated by using a spectral integration method based on the accelerometer records acquired on field measurements. Full scale measurements are preformed on antenna tower equipped with system for measuring wind profile, accelerations and strains.
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Original language: ENG
Category: Znanstveni
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Civil engineering
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