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Autori: Skočić Mihić, Sanja; Petris, Branko
Naslov: Experimental work employing psychotherapeutic (hypnotherapeutic) approach in regulating prolactin in hyperprolactinaemia
Izvornik: Neurologia Croatica 56
Skup: Drugi hrvatski kongres neuroznanosti
Mjesto i datum: Zagreb, Hrvatska, 18-19.05.2007.
Ključne riječi: hiperprolaktinemija; psihoterapijski (hipnoterapijski) pristup
Introduction In the past decade research into the neurobiology of the brain has confirmed that the mind and body are connected into an integral system, and shown that interdependency between the mind, body and emotions also exists on the molecular level. During psychotherapeutic work on integration networks processes that include biological, psychological and social levels of personality that can stimulate the healing processes take place. The subject in this experimental work was a healthy 22-year-old woman. A through gynaecological examination revealed an elevated level of prolactin. Diagnostic test (CT of the brain) showed that there was no organic cause for hyperprolactinaemia. Materials and Methods Based on the diagnostic and laboratory prolactin tests (1106.0mlJ/L on 18th November 2005 ; 1226.0mlJ/L on 17th February 2006 ; 1000.0mlJ/L on 2nd August 2006) hyperprolactinaemia of non-organic origin was diagnosed. The subject was not prescribed any treatment, but the levels of prolactin were monitored and stress was detected as the possible etiological cause of hyperprolactinaemia. The experimental work started in August 2006 and consisted of seven sessions over a period of three months. The hypothesis of the experimental work was: reorganisation of experiences during psychotherapy can help shape strategies that reduce stress which can influence hormonal regulation of prolactin on the physiological level. Psychotherapeutic work based on an indirect approach and on hypnotherapy according to M. Erickson enabled the reshaping of patterns and discovery of new resources in changing personal states. Results Laboratory test from 12th December 2006 which showed that the prolactin level was 386mlJ/L confirmed the hypothesis on the effect of psychotherapeutic work based on an indirect approach and on hypnotherapy on the level of stress which indirectly regulates prolactin levels. This confirms the insights gained from neurobiology, which support the empirical insights, that during hypnotherapy and psychotherapeutic conversation both mind and body change, and that the chemical imprint on the messinger molecules, cellular membrane receptors, cellular metabolism, and gene expression is changed. Conclusion New insights of neuroscience confirm the existence of a relation between the mind, central and peripheral nervous systems, and endocrine and immune systems. This experimental work suggests that psychotherapy could be an appropriate treatment method for many psychological dysfunctions of non-organic etiology.
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Upisao u CROSBI: (, 11. Stu. 2011. u 11:53 sati

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