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Autori: Barić, Renata
Naslov: Kung-Fu Panda Philosophy - The Solution For Diminishing Competitive Pressure in Children
Izvornik: Proceedings book of 16th European conference of sport psychology: Sport and exercise psycholgy: Human performance, well being and health / Texeira ; Nelson (ur.). - Madeira :
Skup: 16th European conference of sport psychology: Sport and exercise psycholgy: Human performance, well being and health
Mjesto i datum: Madeira, Portugal, 11-17.07.2011
Ključne riječi: competitive anxiety; psychological preparation; children
Most of internal motives for sport participation are endangered when child athlete starts to compete. Different factors increase competitive pressure in children causing discrepancy between competitive and training performance. One is inability to remain composed, i.e. troubles of coping with mistakes during training or competition. Cognitive behavioral approach shows relationships between thoughts, feelings and behavior promoting that each dysfunctional behavior, thoughts and ancillary emotional states can be unlearned. Many young athletes become frustrated, lose confidence or get angry after mistakes. They think about consequences of their mistakes, analyzing past mistakes or failure, missing the present moment, focusing on the outcome instead of process, letting emotions to take control over their performance. Psychological preparation with young athletes is sensitive and complex process. The sport psychologist’s task is to build a trustful rapport with a child and to present its problem in a way a child can understand and accept it, motivating and convincing her/him to change and experiment with different approaches even changes are not immediately visible. Behavioral experiments and homework adjusted to children’s interests are useful tools. Kung-fu-panda cartoon was used as a framework for explaining mindfulness and process orientation during training and competition with three 10-13 yrs. old athletes (tennis player, diver, skater). Some citations from the film were utilized for establishing competitive goals. Emotions children felt when writing and talking about their ‘kung-fu-panda experience’ were used for anchoring desired competitive emotional state. Such approach seem to be appropriate for explaining the background of composure problems and lack of emotional control, also motivating and fun, produced effective change in young athletes’ competitive experience.
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