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Autori: Domović, Vlatka; Vizek Vidović, Vlasta
Naslov: Development of quality culture in initial teacher education in Croatia
Knjiga: Advancing quality cultures for teachers education in Europe: tensions and opportunities, Monographs on Journal of research in teacher education
Urednik/ci: Hudson, Brian ; Zgaga, Pavel ; Astrand, Björn
Izdavač: TEPE
Grad: Umea
Godina: 2010
Raspon stranica:: 105-120
ISBN: 978-91-7459-042-5
Ključne riječi: initial teacher education, quality assurance, quality culture
The paper explores the quality in initial teacher education from a top– down and bottom– up perspective. The top– down perspective is analysed through examination of the legal context and external mechanisms for quality assurance in Croatian higher education. The analysis of the bottom– up approach is based on the concept of “ quality culture” which has been introduced in the discourse about quality in higher education in order to „ convey a connotation of quality as a shared value and a collective responsibility for all members of an institution, including students and administrative staff“ (Quality Culture Project, EUA, 2006). Within top– down perspective it has been shown that the quality assurance of teacher education is managed within the broad framework of implementation of the Bologna process. The specific methodology for quality evaluation in initial teacher education has not yet been developed. From the bottom– up perspective the emergence of quality culture could be observed mainly through the projects carried out by the members of academic staff in teacher education institutions. The aims of these projects were to raise awareness about the importance of the quality culture and to strengthen individual and institutional commitment for delivering high quality education. The examples of such initiatives are presented as cases of good practice.
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