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Poglavlje/Rad u knjizi

Autori: Buljan Flander, Gordana; Profaca, Bruna
Naslov: The responsibility and co-ordination of professionals in tackling child sexual abuse.
Knjiga: Protecting children from sexual violence - A comprehensive approach
Urednik/ci: Council of Europe Publishing
Izdavač: Council of Europe Publishing
Grad: Strasbourg
Godina: 2011
Raspon stranica:: 153-164
Ukupni broj stranica u knjizi:: 325
ISBN: 978-92-871-6972-3
Ključne riječi: children, sexual abuse, protection
The problem of abuse and neglect in general, including sexual abuse, was systematically tackled first some 15 years ago in Croatia. Data concerning the prevalence of child sexual abuse in Croatia proved to be very similar to those in other countries. A study conducted by Vranić, Karlović and Gabelica (2002), showed that 19.7% of the subjects had experienced sexual abuse. A more recent Croatian study shows that 14% of young people report that they have been exposed to sexual abuse (Buljan Flander, 2007 ; Luca Mrđen, Ćosić and Buljan Flander, 2007). Increased public awareness and the growing number of reports of abuse, as well as survey results, have produced the effect of “blowing the lid off” the issue in Croatia. The changes that have taken place in policy and practice here are the result of government and non-government organization (NGO) actions. It is clear that the problem of abuse and of mental health care in general has outgrown the capacities of the existing system. Significant changes in the law and in child protection policies dealing with abuse led to the creation of the Child Protection Centre in Zagreb, a specialized institution that works with traumatized children, including the sexually abused. In this centre, a specialized team approach is provided for each child. The centre also has the important function of facilitating co-operation between various institutions aiming at better child protection.
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Stručni
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