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Autori: Katić, Ratko; Bala, Gustav
Naslov: Relationships between cognitive and motor abilities in female children aged 10-14 years
Izvornik: Collegium antropologicum (0350-6134) 36 (2012), 1; 69-77
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: schoolgirls; age 10-14 years; cognitive-motor structures
The aim of the study was to determine cognitive and motor status factors in female children aged 10-14 years and to identify developmental and/or integration functions according to age. The study included a sample of 162 female schoolchildren aged 10-14 years divided into two groups: 84 girls aged 10-12 (X 11.26, SD 0.68) years and 78 girls aged 13-14 (X 13.52, SD 0.63) years. Study results showed a statistically significant between-group difference in the overall system of variables (MANOVA), with the level of significance determined for each individual variable (ANOVA). The older group of subjects showed significantly superior results in comparison with the younger group in the motor tests assessing flexibility, agility, psychomotor speed, explosive strength of throwing type and repetitive strength of the trunk, as well as in the test assessing cognitive functioning. Qualitative differences between the two age groups (prepubertal and pubertal) were determined by use of the matrix of variable inter- correlations factorized by the procedure of principal components that were then transformed to promax solution. The results thus obtained indicated cognitive functioning to take significant part in the motor efficacy of girls aged 10-14 years. In the younger age group (10-12 years), cognitive functioning was related to the motor system that integrates muscle tone regulation and agility/coordination. In the older age group (13-14 years), cognitive functioning was involved in the formation of the first and third factor isolated, i.e. in the factor regulating coordination and intensity of energy mobilization of lower extremities (general motor efficiency) and, to a lesser extent, in third factor regulation the intensity of energy mobilization of upper extremities and trunk strength.
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