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Autori: Jandrić, Petar; a3yo
Naslov: The Network(ed) Revolution: Information and Communication Technologies and Social Movements
Izvornik: Program Anarhističkog sajma knjiga
Skup: Anarhistički sajam knjiga
Mjesto i datum: Zagreb, Hrvatska, 30.3.-1.4.2012.
Ključne riječi: anarchism; education; information and communication technologies; network society; social movements
We live in an age of fast and fundamental changes. Since the 1990s, capitalism and the western model of parliamentary democracy powered by globalization and information and communication technologies have first entered the Eastern Bloc, then Far East, and now they are slowly but surely questioning totalitarian regimes in the Arab world. We also live in the age of the network. According to Castells, the Internet is the fabric of our lives. If information technology is the present-day equivalent of electricity in the industrial era, in our age the Internet could both be linked to the electrical grid and the electric engine because of its ability to distribute the power of information throughout the entire realm of human activity (2001: 1). Of course there is another side of the change, related to data-collection, more and more intensive observation and technically more massive equipped control units, like military robots and intensified border control. In a general theoretical plane, it is obvious that information and communication technologies play a crucial role in the outcome of the contemporary social movements. The big question, that equally interests everyone involved in struggles throughout the globe regardless their political and social programmes, is how. This discussion will explore the ways that information and communication technologies can be used for political activity, and highlight the main controversies. Depending on participant interest, the explored topics can range from complex political issues such as ACTA, through organization of Arab Spring riots using Web 2.0 tools, to web publishing organizations such as stocitas and individual efforts. Session organizers: Petar Jandric (Zagreb, Croatia), anarchist academic and activist, predominantly interested in the relationships between anarchism, technologies and education. A3yo (Hamburg, Germany), anarchist academic and activist, runs an anarchist blog, an archive of eastern europe material (zines and other d.i.y. media), and a small unregular distro. References: Castells, M. (2001). The Internet galaxy: reflections on the Internet, business, and society (1st ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Ostalo
Znanstvena područja:
Informacijske i komunikacijske znanosti,Sociologija,Pedagogija
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Upisao u CROSBI: (, 30. Ožu. 2012. u 11:51 sati

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