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Autori: Horvat Levaj, Katarina; Repanić-Braun, Mirjana
Naslov: St. Vitus Cathedral, Rijeka
Izvornik: Discover Baroque Art, Museum With no Frontiers
Vrsta: Virtualni muzej, katalog
Godina: 2010
Ključne riječi: Baroque; architecture; sculpture; painting; Rijeka; St.Vitus Cathedral
Today the Cathedral, once the Jesuit Church of St. Vitus in Rijeka, is the only Baroque Jesuit central-plan church in Croatia. Its spatial organisation, accomplished in 1638, is characterised by a regular octagon originally surmounted by a high dome and surrounded with oval chapels, an architectural solution influenced by the famous Italian architects, Andrea Palladio and Baldassare Longhena. The entire oeuvre of the designer Giacomo Briano, however, suggests even older origins related to his work in the framework of Renaissance Florence, suggested by the two colours used in the articulation of the interior: dark-grey marble pillars and arches in front of white walls. The church obtained its Baroque stamp only with the building of the gallery above the chapels in 1725, and with the execution of a new dome at a higher level. One of the most important sculptural centres in Adriatic Croatia during the 18th century, Rijeka boasted Baroque churches that today form a thesaurus of Baroque sculpture of both known and anonymous masters. Between 1733 and 1772 Antonio Michelazzi’s sculpture workshop in Rijeka employed many altar makers and sculptors from Friuli and Gorica. This pulpit – with the seated figures of the four evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and bearing Christ’s monogram on the concave front – is supported by two massive volutes. It represents a strong plastic accent in the church since all the other altarpieces are within the radial chapels.
Projekt / tema: 020-0202685-2700
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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URL Internet adrese:;BAR;hr;Mon11;4;en
Upisao u CROSBI: (, 11. Ruj. 2012. u 13:13 sati

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