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Autori: Tudor, Martina
Naslov: The meteorological aspects of the DART field experiment over Adriatic in 2006
( The meteorological aspects of the DART field experiment over Adriatic in 2006 )
Izvornik: 6th HYMEX WorkshopPrimošten, Croatia : DHMZ , 2012. .
Skup: 6th HYMEX Workshop
Mjesto i datum: Primošten, Hrvatska, 7-10.05.2012
Ključne riječi: field experiment; bura; severe wind; ocean
( field experiment; bura; severe wind; ocean )
DART (Dynamics of the Adriatic in Real-Time) is a project devoted to real time observational and modeling study of the Adriatic Sea involving a considerable number of organizations from Europe and US. Several ocean and wave models were run using different meteorological model outputs for input atmospheric conditions. The main purpose of DART was to test the real time measurement and modeling capabilities for the Adriatic Sea that were available at the time of the field experiments. Two field campaigns (research cruises) were organized, during March and August 2006. The preliminary analysis of the measured and modeled data reveals several issues that should be addressed. These require more detailed insight into the involved processes, meteorological model evaluation as well as the complex air-sea interaction mechanisms. Improved knowledge of vertical gradients of meteorological quantities in the layer above the sea surface, particularly air temperature, wind speed and direction in different weather, wave and ocean conditions lead to better understanding and description of the air-sea interaction processes. Inclusion of the latter in the operational meteorological models used for numerical weather prediction improves the weather forecast not only above the sea surface, but also for the coastal areas and inland.
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Projekt / tema: 004-1193086-3036
Izvorni jezik: eng
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