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Autori: Šimunić, Ana; Milaković, Jelena; Salvesani, Antonia
Naslov: Examining differences among employed spouses in value systems and work-family conflict in Croatia
Skup: International Association for Relationship Research IARR Conference
Mjesto i datum: Chicago, Sjedinjene Američke Države, 12-16.07.2012.
Ključne riječi: work-family conflict; importance of work and family roles; value system
The roles that an individual performs throughout his life are not always equal, nor equally important. They vary depending on the period of life and one or two roles are highlighted, usually those related to work and family. Given that values affect the an individual's choice of careers and to some point, of the family context, and that the influence may also be vice versa, the goal of this study was to determine any differences between spouses in the level of perceived work-family conflict and their value systems when both are employed. The research was conducted on 176 couples in cities in Croatia: Sibenik, Split, Zadar, and Osijek, and in Mostar (a city in Bosnia & Herzegovina). Questionnaires were distributed to respondents who met the conditions of being employed and having children. The results indicate similar value systems for spouses, with the most important being health, parenting, marital and family relationships, and solid friendships. This similarity is probably a result of their common life and belonging to the same culture where it has already been shown that health, family, and marriage are most valued. There were no obtained differences between spouses in the perception of work-family conflict. This suggests that differences in the size of the perceived conflict are not primarily related to gender, but to the different attribution of the importance of work and family roles.
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