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Autori: Bazdan, Vanda; Habus-Korbar, Anja; Ćurković, Natalija; Tretinjak, Ira; Buljan Culej, Jasminka
Naslov: National Assessments as a tool for improvement of the Education System - case study Croatia
Izvornik: 6th Coference of the International Test Commission: Programme & Summaries
Skup: 6th Coference of the International Test Commission
Mjesto i datum: Liverpool, UK, 14 – 16. 07. 2008.
Ključne riječi: National Assessments ; external evaluation ; quality assessment ; process of the implementation
Valid, reliable, timely, and continuous feedback on performance metrics is crucial in any system or a process if one wishes to act on improving performance efficiently. The main function of external evaluation in Croatian Education System is to provide such feedback through quality assessment. National Assessments started as a part of improvement process, as a tool for harmonizing this system with the requirements of the EU. We will present the process of implementing National Assessments in Croatian Education system – legal acts that made the implementation possible, preparations made (tasks of all participants, training, data collection – background variables used, sampling methods, additional questionnaires, and a timeline of tests conducted in primary and secondary schools in 2005.-2007.) We will also show our findings so far – areas that have to be developed, domains in which pupils are doing well, and those in which they’re doing poorly, keeping in mind that only a process of systematic data collection over a number of years could provide us with the entire picture. Than the Center will be in a position to offer impartial suggestions for valid and reliable comparisons among schools, programs, teaching methods, classroom activities, student needs, etc. as much needed guidelines for improvement.
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Upisao u CROSBI: Jasminka Culej (, 15. Ožu. 2013. u 12:47 sati

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