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Autori: Koturić, Tomislav; Mijić, Pero; Bobić, Tina; Vučković, Goran; Baban, Mirjana
Naslov: Implementation the principles of good agricultural practices to protect water on the dairy farms in Osječko-Baranjska County, Croatia
Izvornik: Regional Workshop „Improving Nitrogen Efficiency on Dairy Farms“, 03. - 04. 04. 2013.Zagreb : University of Zagreb, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagreb , 2013. 11-11.
Skup: Rednex FP7 EU Regional Workshop „Improving Nitrogen Efficiency on Dairy Farms“, 03. - 04. 04. 2013., Zagreb
Mjesto i datum: Zagreb, Hrvatska, 03-04.04.2013.
Ključne riječi: Good Agricultural Practices; Protection of Water; Nitrates; Dairy Farm
On the groundwater quality most affects the large number of reasons, such as: unresolved drainage settlements from household sewage, wastewater from industrial and institutional wastes (servicing and mechanical workshop, car wash, a variety of small-scale family production, sawmill and final wood production, fewer farms in the village , slaughterhouses, etc.), the unresolved wastewater from animal farm, draws solid waste from animal farms, especially poultry (litter and solid piece of faeces), excessive treatment farmland fertilizers and plant protection products, - the illegal dumping of waste containing hazardous components (they used batteries, medicines, packaging of paints, oils, varnishes and solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.). Nitrates Directive of the European Union is a document which, among other things, refers to the protection of waters against pollution by nitrates from agricultural sources, and intensive agricultural production is increasingly directed towards the protection of the environment, conserve natural resources, animal welfare, etc. This directive would be most able to relate to the farm which should now have their own systems for the disposal of manure. Investigations were conducted on dairy farms in Osječko-Baranjska County, with the aim of determining how to implement the principles of good agricultural practices to protect water. The results showed that 19 farms meet the recommendations of the Ordinance regarding allowable load livestock unit (LU) LU/ha, while the three farms do not. Given the conditions for the storage of manure during the six months, only nine farms meet the recommendations of the Ordinance, and as many as 13 farms do not meet the requirements. Croatian farmers will need technical and financial assistance in solving this problem, because there is a possibility that these farms remain in the future without any financial support to Croatian accession to the European Union.
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Upisao u CROSBI: Pero Mijić (, 9. Tra. 2013. u 14:07 sati

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