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Autori: Ombla, Jelena; Penezić, Zvjezdan
Naslov: Attitudes Toward Pets in Relation to Personality in Croatian Dog-owners and Non-owners
Izvornik: 15th European Conference on Personality - Program and Abstracts / Blatný, Marek ; Hrebícková, Martina ; Kourilová, Sylvie ; Slezácková, Alena ; Kveton, Petr ; Voboril, Dalibor (ur.). - Brno : Institute of Psychology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic , 2010. 220-220 (ISBN: 978-80-86174-16-7).
Skup: 15th European Conference on Personality
Mjesto i datum: Brno, Češka, 20.-24.07. 2010.
Ključne riječi: pets; caregiver; Pet Attitude Scale; personality traits
So far, there have been few studies on characteristics of human-animal bond in Croatia and there is evident lack of valid measures. Taking care of a pet represents long-term commitment that is arguably exhausting on resources of caregiver, so it seems particulary interesting to explore possible factors that encourage as well as maintain this kind of behavior. Attitudes toward pets can be regarded as one of those factors. Aim of this study was to examine psychometric characteristics of translated and adapted Pet Attitude Scale (Templer et al., 1981.) which was designed to measure attitudes toward pets. In addition, we explored relation between attitudes toward pets and personality. Study engaged 126 participants (61 pet owner and 65 non- owner). Considering preliminary nature of this study, results have shown the pure factor structure of PAS (one factorwas isolated –“attitude toward pets” explaining 56.6% total variance). Confirmation of its homogeneity was also supported by high internal consistency as well as high overall reliability (? = 0.95). Attitudes toward pets stand in significant positive correlations with Agreeableness, Emotional stability and Intellect, while those participants that are considerably higher on Agreeableness have significantly more positive attitudes. Pet owners, compared to non-owners, have significantly more positive attitudes toward pets. Agreeableness, Emotional stability and Intellect are significant predictors of attitudes toward pets (together, they explained 23% of criterion variance), with Extraversion as suppressor variable. Although further research is undoubtedly required, results of this study can be considered contributing respecting unexplored nature of this issue in Croatia.
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