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Autori: Burazin, Krešimir; Vrdoljak, Marko
Naslov: Homogenisation theory for Friedrichs systems
Izvornik: Communications on pure and applied analysis (1534-0392) 13 (2014), 3; 1017-1044
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: homogenisation; symmetric positive systems; H-convergence; G-convergence; com- pensated compactness
We develop a general homogenisation procedure for Friedrichs systems. Under reasonable assumptions, the concepts of G and H-convergence are introduced. As Friedrichs systems can be used to represent various boundary or initial-boundary value problems for partial differential equations, some additional assumptions are needed for compactness results. These assumptions are particularly examined for the stationary diffusion equation, the heat equation and a model example of a first order equation leading to memory effects. In the first two cases, the equivalence with the original notion of H-convergence is proved.
Projekt / tema: 037-1193086-3226, 037-0372787-2795
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DOI: 10.3934/cpaa2014.13.101
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