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Autori: Lovretić, Vanja; Benjak, Tomislav; Vuletić, Gorka.
Naslov: Subjective wellbeing of cyclists and physically inactive subjects
Izvornik: Kinesiology : international journal of fundamental and applied kinesiology (1331-1441) 45 (2013), 1; 101-106
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: cycling; physical activity; quality of life; Croatia
The aim of this study was to compare the self- perceived quality of life between inactive people and people who cycle regularly and thus explore the relation between this type of physical activity and personal wellbeing. The study included 108 persons who used a bicycle three or more times a week for longer than half an hour per day, as a means of transport or recreation, and 100 persons, as a control group, who were physically active less than three times a week or took up no activity at all. The cyclists showed a higher quality of life than the controls in the overall personal wellbeing index (PWI) as well as in the domain of “health”. Another statistically important difference was observed between the groups in changes in health, where 16.7% of cyclists claimed to be of much better health than a year ago, as did only 2% of inactive respondents. A difference was also observed in the segment of health deterioration relative to a year ago where 30% of inactive participants reported their health worsened as compared to a year ago, as did only 8% of cyclists. While 4% of inactive respondents felt their health deteriorated drastically, no cyclist thought likewise. Our results suggest that cycling may be a mode of physical activity that is positively related to life satisfaction.
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Google Scholar: Subjective wellbeing of cyclists and physically inactive subjects
Upisao u CROSBI: Gorka Vuletić (, 6. Lis. 2013. u 13:18 sati

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