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Autori: Kranželić, Valentina; Doležal, Dalibor; Jerković, Dijana; Vugrinec, Lidija; Petković, Željko
Naslov: New trends in psychoactive substances consumption – Croatian on-line research experiences and results
Izvornik: Beyond Punitiveness: Crime and Crime Control in Europe in a Comparative PerspectiveBudapest, Hungary : European Society of Criminology , 2013. .
Skup: Beyond Punitiveness: Crime and Crime Control in Europe in a Comparative Perspective
Mjesto i datum: Budimpešta, Mađarska, 4-7.09. 2013.
Ključne riječi: psychoactive substances ; on-line survey ; new trends in drugs consumption
Survey was conducted in cooperation with the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences of the University of Zagreb and the Office for Combating Drugs Abuse of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. Goal of this survey was to get an insight into consumption of the new psychoactive substances, whether or not they are on the List of drugs, psychotropic substances, plants used to produce drugs and substances that can be used in the production of drugs. It is known that there are new psychoactive substances in the drug market that were not so widespread in the past and have not been present long enough to provide information on their types, the extent of the consumption by the youth, expected effects and the modes of purchasing/buying them. The survey was conducted with the aim of providing basic information gathered from the youth/adults that experiment with the psychoactive substances. Methods: The survey was conducted in the year 2011. and 2013. with a sample of 1330 (year 2011.) and 1037 (year 2013.) active participants at the web page “” with the on-line questionnaire jointed by the participants on independent and voluntary basis. The collected data were descriptively analyzed and interpreted in order to be used as guidelines for future similar surveys and monitoring the trends of new psychoactive substances available on Croatian market. Results have shown that participants were familiarised with the new trends in psychoactive substances consumption and that they had knowledge where to purchase “new drugs” and how to administer them. In conclusion, results and research experiences showed possibilities and limitations of used methodology in monitoring trends in drugs consumption in Croatian context.
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