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Autori: Mildner, Vesna
Naslov: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Human Communication
Vrsta knjige: monografija
Izdavač: Taylor and Francis Group
Grad: New York
Godina: 2010
Serija: Taylor & Francis e-Library
Stranica: 382
ISBN: 9780203838105
Ključne riječi: cognitive neuroscience; communication - psychological aspects; communication - physiological aspects
This is a book about speech and language. It is primarily intended for those interested in speech and its neurophysiological bases: phoneticians, linguists, educators, speech therapists, psychologists and neuroscientists. Although speech and language are its central topic, it provides information about related topics as well (e.g. structure and functioning of the central nervous system, research methods in neuroscience, theories and models of speech production and perception, learning and memory). Data on clinical population are given in parallel to studies of healthy subjects, because such comparisons can give a better understanding of intact and disordered speech and language functions. It is a review of literature (more than 600 sources) and research results covering areas like neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, development of the nervous system, sex differences, history of neurolinguistics, behavioral, neuroimaging and other research methods in neuroscience, linguistics and psychology, theories and models of the nervous system functioning including speech and language processing, kinds of memory and learning and their neural substrates, critical periods, various aspects of normal speech and language processes (e.g. phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, reading), bilingualism, speech and language disorders, and many others. Newcomers to the field of neurolinguistics will find it equally readable as the professionals, because it is organized in a way that enables the readers the flexibility and individual approach to the text. The language is simple but all the technical terms are provided, explained and illustrated. A comprehensive glossary provides additional information.
Projekt / tema: 130-0000000-3096
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstvena
Znanstvena područja:
Temeljne medicinske znanosti,Psihologija,Filologija
Upisao u CROSBI: Vesna Mildner (, 23. Pro. 2013. u 13:35 sati

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