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Autori: Vulić-Prtorić, Anita; Takšić, Vladimir
Naslov: The psychometric properties of test anxiety scale for children
Izvornik: 4th Alps Adria Psychology Symposium, ABSTRACTS / Kolesarić, Vladimir ; Ivanec, Dragutin (ur.). - Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy , 1996. 76-77.
Skup: 4th Alps Adria Psychology Symposium
Mjesto i datum: Zagreb, Hrvatska, 03-03. 10. 1997.
Ključne riječi: anxiety; test anxiety in children; children psychopathology
Although anxiety is very common among school children there is no reliable instrument in our language that measures it. Ţhis paper shows the preliminary results of the administration of the Children's Anxiety Scale, which was developed by Wieczerkowski et al. (1973). This scale was already used in our population, but without any testing of its psychometric properties. This scale was constructed on the basis of Children Manifest Anxiety Scale and Test Anxiety Scale for Children for the assessment of four aspects of anxiety in 9 to 16 years old school children: test anxiety, manifest anxiety, school dissatisfaction and lie-scale. The purpose of this investigation was to define the psychometric properties of this questionnaire in Croatian population. The sample was 701 pupils of the fifth grade of the elementary school. The common factor analysis and the item analysis show that original scale, which contains 50 items, must be shortened to 24 items for the scale of test anxiety and 8 items for the lie-scale. The final version of the anxiety scale contains all the items with the sufficient item-total correlation. That scale has the good internal reliability (Cronbach alpha 0,89). One of the most common characteristics of the child psychopathology is high comorbidity between different disorders (Anderson et al., 1987), so it was interesting to find out how independent are the items in the anxiety scale comparing with the items in the scales that usually had high correlation with anxiety scale (Child Depression Inventory, Self-Esteem Inventora, Hopelessness Scale for Children). According to the results it is possible to conclude that this scale is stable and reliable measure of test anxiety in children.
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