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Autori: Sorić, Izabela; Lacković-Grgin, Katica
Naslov: Styles of coping and adjustment to the university amongst first-year students
Izvornik: New Trend in Developmental Psychology-Resume / Deleau, M. (ur.). - European Society for Developmental Psychology , 1997. 160-160.
Skup: VIII. European Conference on Developmental Psychology
Mjesto i datum: Rennes, Francuska, 03-07.09. 1997.
Ključne riječi: styles of coping; adjustment to the university; loneliness; self-esteem
Two investigations were carried out on a sample of students attending the Faculty of Philosophy: one at the beginning of the period of study and the other after the freshman year. The purpose of the investigation was to establish whether the styles of coping measured by Endler´s and Parker´s CISS questionnaire are stable dispositions and to see how they connect with indicators of positive and negative adjustment to being a student and with priorly identified individual and enviromental predictors of adjustment. Results confirm the stability of three styles of coping: problem- oriented coping strategies, emotion-oriented and avoidance coping strategies. Amongst these the most stable strategy is the emotion-focused one. It was shown that none of the styles of coping was connected with the indicator of positive adjustment to study, that is, with satisfaction regarding educational success during the freshman year. The indicator of negative adjustment, that is, the evaluation of stress during the freshman year is negatively connected with problem-oriented coping strategies and positively with emotion-oriented strategies. Self-esteem is connected both with positive and negative adjustment to being a student and with the styles of problem-oriented and emotion-oriented coping strategies. The nature of this connection indicates the moderating role played by self-esteem.
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