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Autori: Vrbančić, Mario
Naslov: LAB (New York: SBP, 2011) ; ISBN 978-1612040332
( LAB (New York: SBP, 2011) ; ISBN 978-1612040332 )
Izvornik: LAB
Vrsta: Roman (political fable)
Godina: 2011
Ključne riječi: political fable
( political fable )
Lab is a political fable, a parable about Lab animals' struggle for a better life in an alien, hellish environment. Lab is a gripping examination of a shift from the Orwellian concept of 'all animals are equal' to a post-Orwellian premise that 'all animals are different.' The parable narrates the developments that occur in the Lab - from the initial harsh conditions to the majestic, glittering, virtual Labopolis and its endless sprawl. A bespectacled mouse with pinkish pale skin, Homo, is an interpreter for both the animals and the humans. When animals finally organize the rebellion in the Lab, Homo is their leader. Lab presents a totally administered, Kafkaesque world in which the simple event of a dog wagging his tail can employ innumerable bureaucrats, as well as scientists and activists. Its inter-textual playfulness embraces numerous references from Kafka, Orwell, Monty Python, Disney as well as guidelines from the handbook 'How to handle animals in American laboratories.' Although written in a simple style, the novel tackles the most ramified issues and dilemmas of late modernity: the great divide between humans and animals, the insecurities of the body as a final frontier, utopian desires for change in a world that more and more resembles the laboratory itself.
Izvorni jezik: eng
Upisao u CROSBI: Senka Bozic Vrbancic (, 19. Vel. 2014. u 09:10 sati

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