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Authors: Getoš Kalac, Anna-Maria; Karlović Ruža
Title: Criminology and Crime in Croatia
Book: Mapping the Criminological Landscape of the Balkans. A Survey on Criminology and Crime with an Expedition into the Criminal Landscape of the Balkans
Editor/s: Getoš Kalac, Anna-Maria ; Albrecht, Hans-Jörg ; Kilchling, Michael
Publisher: Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law
City: Berlin
Year: 2014
Serie: Balkan Criminology
Page range:: 139-174
Total pages in the book:: 552
ISBN: 978-3-86113-248-6
Keywords: criminology, crime, criminal justice, Croatia, prison statistics
Criminology and in more general terms ‘crime research’ have a very long tradition in Croatia, dating back in terms of formal institutionalisation as far as 1906. Despite this long institutional tradition and esp. when compared to other European countries (e.g. Germany), criminology as a serious and independent science has only rather recently started to take off in Croatia. This setting, its history, causes, and current developments in criminological education and research shall be addressed in order to ‘map’ the Croatian criminological landscape accurately and in its necessary socio-political context. After this ‘criminological mapping’, a short overview of the Croatian criminal justice system with its key actors should facilitate a better understanding of detecting, prosecuting, dealing with, and even preventing crime. In this context a special emphasis will be put on the Croatian prison system and most recent prison statistics. Then follows the actual ‘crime mapping’ which will focus on general crime indicators and violent crime in relation to age, sex, recidivism etc. This section will also highlight some of the main crime related discussions currently ongoing in Croatia (e.g. violent youth crime). Finally, after having studied this article, one should have a full picture of the current state of art in criminology and crime in Croatia, including its specific socio-political context.
Original language: ENG
Category: Znanstveni
Research fields:
Law,Sociology,Safety protection and defence science disciplines
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