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Autori: Jovančević, Sonja; Bolfan-Stošić, Natalija; Jovančević, Milivoj
Naslov: Differences in the Acoustic Characteristics of the Cries of Infants with Colics and the Cries of Healthy Infants
Izvornik: Croatian Journal of Education (1848-5650) 6 (2014), 2; 67-77
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: acoustic analysis; colics; cry; diagnostics; disorder
A child’s early development is the period during which various very important life processes appear. The first three years of a child’s life are considered critical in a child’s development, and they are affected by various factors in the child’s environment. The leading role in this period is played by the parents. Their role is to get to know and to feel their newborn, as well as to establish a close relationship with the child to instil a feeling of safety and warmth in the environment where he or she will develop. The establishment of this link between a parent and a child begins as early as in pregnancy and continues throughout the childhood period. From the moment the child is born, the newborn sends important signals to his or her environment. In this paper, we focus on the acoustic analysis of the child’s cry as the first and the most important signal a newborn uses to communicate with the environment and send different types of information. In our research, we attempt to analyse and distinguish between various types of cries of children with colics and the children who do not suffer from colics. The aim of the paper is to establish the differences in the characteristics of the cry of children with colics and the cry of healthy infants by using acoustic analysis programs, and to establish acoustic standards to differentiate between healthy and sick crying/voice for diagnostic purposes.
Projekt / tema: 227-2271694-1693
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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Kategorija: Ostalo
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Kliničke medicinske znanosti,Psihologija
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Google Scholar: Differences in the Acoustic Characteristics of the Cries of Infants with Colics and the Cries of Healthy Infants
Upisao u CROSBI: Milivoj Jovančević (, 26. Kol. 2014. u 13:53 sati

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