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Autori: Dodig, Dora
Naslov: Effective adolescent gambling prevention – the case of the Croatian „Who really wins?“ program
Skup: The 10th Euroepan Conference on Gambling Studies and Policy Issues
Mjesto i datum: Helsinki, Finska, 09-12.09.2014.
Ključne riječi: youth gambling; sports betting; prevention
In recent years Croatia has witnessed a surge of gambling and gaming related activities, especially among adolescents and young people. Comprehensive national adolescent gambling prevalence study showed significant proportions of high-school students that gamble and bet frequently, and already have severe gambling related psycho-social consequences. The results of the mentioned study served as a platform for the development of the first Croatian youth gambling prevention program named “Who really wins?”. Apart from being evidence-based, the program also builds on relevant and recent literature reviews of effective gambling prevention programs for children and youth, as well as on general principles of effective prevention. The program targeted relevant risk and protective factors for adolescent gambling and, consequently, aimed to enhance personally responsible gambling behavior. The program was implemented in two 1st and two 2nd grades of two different types of high schools in Zagreb. Process evaluation showed a high fidelity in program implementation and a high level of students’ satisfaction with the program. Furthermore, evaluation results undoubtedly show the short-term effectiveness of the program. Students in the intervention group, compared to the control group, showed significant improvements in their knowledge about gambling and its consequences, reduction in cognitive distortions related to gambling, and an increase in self-efficacy, resisting peer pressure and problem-solving skills. The evaluation results served as a starting point for program improvement and modification. The described process also represents a model for the development of evidence-based prevention programs that are still insufficiently developed in Croatian prevention practice.
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