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Autori: Geiger Zeman, Marija; Zeman, Zdenko; Šikić-Mićanović, Lynette; Anić, Jadranka Rebeka
Naslov: New home – last station: everyday life in homes for older persons
Izvornik: Final program: Ageing, Anti-ageing & Ageism. Constructions and politics of being old in EuropeKlagenfurt : Carinthia University of Applied Sciences ; School of Health and Social Sciences , 2014. 15-15.
Skup: Ageing, Anti-ageing & Ageism. Constructions and politics of being old in Europe
Mjesto i datum: Klagenfurt, Austrija, 18 - 20. 09. 2014.
Ključne riječi: homes for older persons; everyday life; qualitative methodology
Older people are vulnerable in multiple ways – in economic, health and social terms. In the past, homes for older and infirm persons were not culturally accepted in Croatia but now they became a desirable place. The decision to move to a home for older persons is an important life choice and great transition in the life of older people. The motivation for such a decision may be different (for example, loneliness, family problems, fear of helplessness, etc.). Presented materials are result of a qualitative research (participant observations, interviews, focus groups) of socio-cultural and gender aspects of ageing conducted in two homes for older persons in Zagreb and Split respectively. From the perspective of older people, this presentation is based on descriptions, analyses and interpretations of everyday life, the positive and negative aspects of living in a home for older persons as well as comparisons between the quality of life at a home and outside the institutional system of care. Beyond the “alarmist” or “apocalyptic” demographics (Wilson, 2006), which unintentionally supports ageist prejudices, this paper highlights the potential of old age in relation to expressions of creativity, learning, personal development, etc., but also the challenges older people face.
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Kategorija: Ostalo
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Upisao u CROSBI: Marija Geiger zeman (, 21. Ruj. 2014. u 11:46 sati

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