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Autori: Kuti, Simona
Naslov: Integration Policies: Country Report for Croatia
Izvornik: Migration Policy Centre (EUI, Florence, Italy) ; INTERACT Research Report ; Country Report ; 2014/13
Vrsta: Ekspertiza
Godina: 2014
Ključne riječi: immigrant integration; integration policies; Croatia; asylum seekers; refugees
The report provides a description of the main policy documents, initiatives and actors dealing with immigrant integration in Croatia. After introductory remarks concerning the context and recent migration flows to Croatia – which are composed mainly of citizens from the countries of former Yugoslavia – the report identifies main target groups and the focus of integration measures, as well as the main policy tools implemented thus far. The third section focuses on forms of engagement by civil society organisations concerning integration – providing services and various forms of assistance, primarily to asylum seekers, refugees and persons under subsidiary protection. Given that the main policy measures are in the early stages of development or planned for upcoming periods, it is premature to fully assess their implementation. However, since most of the current measures target asylum seekers, asylum grantees and subsidiary protection beneficiaries it will be necessary to develop new integration instruments or extend the applicability of the existing ones to different categories of immigrants, to correspond to the envisaged future role of Croatia as an immigration country.
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Upisao u CROSBI: Simona Kuti (, 22. Ruj. 2014. u 12:24 sati

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